Stockholm autumn 2014 tech events

13 August, 2014

Stockholm provides a selection of newsworthy tech-fests and crossover festivals/conferences this autumn in Stockholm. The list might be updated.

Future Perfect, 14-17 Augusti 2014 at Grinda, Stockholm Archipelago
Sustainability conference that also incorporates the tech perspective of the future for new creative regions etc. Discount tickets via @heidiharman

Hybrid Conf 21-22nd of August 2014, Rigoletto, Stockholm
Say hello to design and code in a merry combo for two days of bliss. A few tickets left.

Stockholm Tech Fest 4-5 Sept 2014, Waterfront Congress,  Stockholm
Startup and tech conference with some of Sweden’s and international leading names. Come meet the people and companies behind what many are calling ‘The World’s Next Hot Tech City’. 2 stages, 100+ startups, 30+ speakers, in 1 amazing place. Free tickets available via GeekGirlMeetups FB page.

Nordic.JS 18-19th of September 2014, Artipellag, Stockholm Archipelago.
Nordic.js is a two-day conference all about Javascript aiming to inspire and to get inspired, to meet and learn from others and to to bring our community closer together. The conference will take place on an island in the middle of the beautiful archipelago of Stockholm. Tickets have sold out, volunteer tickets might still be available.




Trailblazing women in tech talk

29 June, 2014

Join General Assembly as they kick off July by profiling some women currently making history. Featuring trailblazing women in tech, we’ll hear the stories of four highly successful women from different fields within the tech industry. Afterwards, the floor opens up for an hour of networking with panelists and attendees.

Attendees will have the opportunity to connect with other women involved in the San Francisco tech community and share their own stories about working in or breaking into the industry. These amazing women will be in conversation with Andrea Bouch, who will be leading the discussion.We, of course are opening up this event to both women and men (anyone who supports the growth of women in this industry).

Apply here.

When: July 2:nd 2014
Where: Women’s Building, 3543 18th St #8, San Francisco, California 94110


About the Panelists

Alaina Percival Photo

CEO and Board Chair,
Women Who Code

Alaina Percival is currently CEO and Board Chair of Women Who Code, a global non-profit dedicated to inspiring women to excel in technology careers. She spent the first years of her career working at PUMAs headquarters in Germany managing PUMA’s most innovative products. After completing her MBA, she accepted the role of Brand Marketing Manager for a women’s performance footwear company where she rolled out the world’s first woman specific volleyball and basketball shoes. Four years ago, she moved into tech and last January Yahoo! acquired the startup where she was Director of Marketing. Percival spent the past year as Head of Developer Outreach with Riviera Partners and is an advisor to CodePath.

Kerrin Mitchell Photo

COO and Co-founder,
Fluxx Labs

Kerrin Mitchell is a technology entrepreneur working to bring big data to nonprofits, foundations and the public sector. She cofounded San Francisco-based Fluxx Labs in 2010 to help clients like CitiBank, Packard, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the Government of New Zealand gain visibility into their investments, operations and community impact. Mitchell is a native of Silicon Valley and spent her early career in Finance and Operations at Cisco Systems.

Kirsty Nathoo Photo

Y Combinator

As CFO of the incubator, she holds the keys to the kingdom – literally. She controls internal finances for YC, and helps YC Startups with outside financings, incorporation, tax issues, and other fiscal matters. She also serves as an accounting advisor, demo day coordinator, and even mediator at times. Before joining the YC team, she worked for 8 years as an Audit Manager at Price Waterhouse Coopers.

Andrea Bouch Photo

Senior Account Manager,
Fluxx Labs

From startup social ventures to corporate giants (and many things in between), tech has been the one constant in Andrea’s career journey. She is currently a Senior Account Manager at Fluxx, working closely with foundations all over the word to implement grants management software. Her past work experience includes Google, Kiva, Hub Ventures, and a number of start-ups including her own – The IQ Collective. She has organized a number of events focused on supporting female founders and was a founding member of FEW (Female Entrepreneurs of the World). A Bay Area native, she has lived and worked in Switzerland, Chile, and Guatemala.

Maia Bittner Photo

CTO and Founder,

Maia Bittner loves creating something from nothing, and so is passionate about start-ups and entrepreneurship. She graduated from the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering with a degree in Cognitive Science and likes to use information about the way our brains work to design interfaces that are fun and intuitive to use. Now, Maia is the co-founder and CTO of RocksBox, a startup in downtown San Francisco that’s working to make it easy and affordable for women to feel great about the way they look.


MAKE IT @ Maker Faire Oslo

26 January, 2014

Maker Faire is the world’s largest festival of creativity and the joy of creating. It meets technology, art and science. It is a festival where everyone – inventors, artists, hackers, enthusiasts, geek, artisans and home makers – show off what they’ve created. GGM visited Maker Fair Oslo last weekend. With the theme of MAKE IT for this year’s Geek Girl Meetup in Stockholm this was a great inspiration of that’s to come! Here follows some of the creative projects displayed on the festival:

Students from the University of Oslo explored robotics and the challenge of making a robot move as fast as possible with the minimum weight. The strong AX-12A motors from Dynamixel moves the robot in the desired directions. With a 3D-printed light weight construction consisting of 2 different plastic materials, the robot’s weight is reduced and the rubber-like plastic the robot get a good grip of the floor. Read on about their research here:


The Rotor 3D printer is a minilistic version of what we usually associate 3D printers with. By stripping the 3D printer as much as possible, the team behind Rotor created a printer that takes less space that other printers and with less parts becomes easy to assemble. The extruder is moving up and down instead of having the platform underneath it moving veritcal. The round platform can move from side to side as well as rotate.


The circuits controlling the Rotor during development was brought and shown at the faire:

Raspberry Pi shields
Watterott came from Germany to shows a selections of their shields for Raspberry Pi and Arduino. From small touch screens to RGB controllers the shields extends the capacity of your microcontroller.


Pancakebot – Batter not included
The Pancakebot was a real kids pleaser making customized pancakes AND built on LEGO bits! The micro brain from LEGO Mindstorms control the machine and with vacuum and pressure it pours out the pancake mix onto a hot plate.



Lego Music Machine
By analysing the colors of LEGO bricks with LEGO Mindstorm’s sensors tones are generated and music is made. Visitors could color paper strips them selves to try out the Lego Music Machine.



A flock of Birds
With an Arduino, servo motors and a couple of fishing lines Kaja Swensen created an interactive flock of birds. As you pull the tail of one of the orogami birds and the wings stretch out, the flock of birds lights up in the dark and stretch their wings.


Making your own stop motions
The Maker Faire hosted a space of small stop motions studios to create your own stop motion. With iMotion HD you can create your own scenes setting the stage with overlapping takes to make the transition as smooth as possible.


Learn Ruby on Rails this week!

13 January, 2014

rubyTwo awesome free events for all who want to learn Rails and get going in making their own apps! Sign up and get go start make stuff!

Rails installfest (install stuff on your computer so your all set up for thursday)
Wednesday, January 15, 2014
Time: 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Location: The Park” Sveavägen 98, 2 tr
Sign up here!

Free Rails intro course: build a web app in 2 hours
Date: Thursday, January 16, 2014
Time: 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Location: SUP46 – Start-Up People of Sweden” Regeringsgatan 29, 5 tr
Sign up:


Geek Girl Meetup identity downloads

5 December, 2013

Are you in need for some Geek Girl Meetup assets? Well, this is the one place where you can find the logo in eps to be used on printed matters and guidlines on what colors and fonts to use.  Natasha Ehlén, creator of the GGM identity has put together this useful guide with assets to get you started!


Geek Girl Meetup Logotypes

As a first hand choice, the logotype should always be aligned left. This is the case for web, rollups, letterheads etc. The logotype can be aligned in the center for stickers. Place the logotype on white or light grey background. Used the inverted version of the logotype if it needs to be placed on a dark background.

Logotype padding

When placing the logotype in context, please leave space around the logotype where the padding is a minimum of half of the height of the logotype.




Use Vag Rounden in headings on rollups, stickers and alike material.


Use Helvetica Neue in body text.


Use the following color scheme for Geek Girl Meetup assets:

GGM Identity Colors


Logotype in EPS format.

Logotype in JPG format.

Download the full guide of the Geek Girl Meetyp idenity in Swedish.

For questions regarding the identity of Geek Girl Meetup, please contact Natasha Ehlén on @natasha_sthlm


Extra årsmöte + härligt geekande

12 November, 2013

Medlemmar vi ses den 19 november på #SUP46 i Stockholm #SAVETHEDATE :)

Tid: 19 november kl. 18-21
Plats: SUP46, Regeringsgatan 29, Stockholm

Eftersom vi precis har startat upp vår förening tänker vi att fler som startat upp saker kommer få dela med sig av detta. Det blir extra årsmöte + två timmar med härligt geekande och efter det kan ju precis vad som helst hända! Mer info skickas ut till samtliga medlemmar (och här) nästa vecka.

Anmäl dig här.

Under kvällen kommer grymma Geek Girls att dela med sig:


Annika Lidne, Dramatify
Karin Nygårds, Geek Girl Mini,
Pernilla Alexandersson, Add Gender
Pernilla Rydmark, Internetfonden

Och är du inte medlem så bli det omedelbart vettja, det kostar det fem spänn första året, här hittar du bankgiro och lite mer info – Geek Girl Meetup Ideella Förening