Geek Girl Meetup identity downloads

Are you in need for some Geek Girl Meetup assets? Well, this is the one place where you can find the logo in eps to be used on printed matters and guidlines on what colors and fonts to use.  Natasha Ehlén, creator of the GGM identity has put together this useful guide with assets to get you started!


Geek Girl Meetup Logotypes

As a first hand choice, the logotype should always be aligned left. This is the case for web, rollups, letterheads etc. The logotype can be aligned in the center for stickers. Place the logotype on white or light grey background. Used the inverted version of the logotype if it needs to be placed on a dark background.

Logotype padding

When placing the logotype in context, please leave space around the logotype where the padding is a minimum of half of the height of the logotype.




Use Vag Rounden in headings on rollups, stickers and alike material.


Use Helvetica Neue in body text.


Use the following color scheme for Geek Girl Meetup assets:

GGM Identity Colors


Logotype in EPS format.

Logotype in JPG format.

Download the full guide of the Geek Girl Meetyp idenity in Swedish.

For questions regarding the identity of Geek Girl Meetup, please contact Natasha Ehlén on @natasha_sthlm


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