MAKE IT @ Maker Faire Oslo

Maker Faire is the world’s largest festival of creativity and the joy of creating. It meets technology, art and science. It is a festival where everyone – inventors, artists, hackers, enthusiasts, geek, artisans and home makers – show off what they’ve created. GGM visited Maker Fair Oslo last weekend. With the theme of MAKE IT for this year’s Geek Girl Meetup in Stockholm this was a great inspiration of that’s to come! Here follows some of the creative projects displayed on the festival:

Students from the University of Oslo explored robotics and the challenge of making a robot move as fast as possible with the minimum weight. The strong AX-12A motors from Dynamixel moves the robot in the desired directions. With a 3D-printed light weight construction consisting of 2 different plastic materials, the robot’s weight is reduced and the rubber-like plastic the robot get a good grip of the floor. Read on about their research here:


The Rotor 3D printer is a minilistic version of what we usually associate 3D printers with. By stripping the 3D printer as much as possible, the team behind Rotor created a printer that takes less space that other printers and with less parts becomes easy to assemble. The extruder is moving up and down instead of having the platform underneath it moving veritcal. The round platform can move from side to side as well as rotate.


The circuits controlling the Rotor during development was brought and shown at the faire:

Raspberry Pi shields
Watterott came from Germany to shows a selections of their shields for Raspberry Pi and Arduino. From small touch screens to RGB controllers the shields extends the capacity of your microcontroller.


Pancakebot – Batter not included
The Pancakebot was a real kids pleaser making customized pancakes AND built on LEGO bits! The micro brain from LEGO Mindstorms control the machine and with vacuum and pressure it pours out the pancake mix onto a hot plate.



Lego Music Machine
By analysing the colors of LEGO bricks with LEGO Mindstorm’s sensors tones are generated and music is made. Visitors could color paper strips them selves to try out the Lego Music Machine.



A flock of Birds
With an Arduino, servo motors and a couple of fishing lines Kaja Swensen created an interactive flock of birds. As you pull the tail of one of the orogami birds and the wings stretch out, the flock of birds lights up in the dark and stretch their wings.


Making your own stop motions
The Maker Faire hosted a space of small stop motions studios to create your own stop motion. With iMotion HD you can create your own scenes setting the stage with overlapping takes to make the transition as smooth as possible.


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