GeekGirlMeetup+ rolemodel interview with Annika Lidne


Meet Annika Lidne, 49 years.

Startup founder, public speaker, online strategist and much more.

GGM+ sat down with Annika to talk about how her career and how it all started.
It turned out to be more of a coincidence rather than a planned career move.
The magazine The Futurist played a vital role in her early interest of tech trends and led her to visit the Stockholm Public Library a lot of times to get a glimpse of the future.

From there on it has been a ongoing process from the nineties where she started the first crossmedia agency in Sweden and learned how to code in 1998. Over the years her career has included a broad media experience, working with everything from journalism, publishing and advertising to television, product placement in feature films and a longtime focus on the Internet.

Today she is a sought after speaker, CEO and co-founder of her own startup Dramatify, Senior Advisor at Disruptive Media, Advisory Board member of SUP46 and Berghs School of Communication – for Interactive Communication and last but not least founder of the ground breaking Disruptive Media Conference.

We asked Annika to share some advice to all GGM+ fans.
– I start everyday between 06.00-06.30 reading all my Feedly RSS sources to keep up with the latest news and trends. I recommend everyone to do the same, to find a time during the day to learn new stuff.
– Don ́t ask for help when it is time to do tech stuff, fix it yourself and learn by doing !

The same day we did the interview, Annika was invited to a roundtable discussion with Stefan Löfven, the Leader of the Social Democratic Party together with seventeen other carefully selected digital ambassadeurs to talk about a digital policy for Sweden. Let ́s hope they use all these great brains to create positive changes.

We will continue to keep an eye on Annika and her journey in the digital and tech world.

About Annika:

If you want to get a invite to a women power breakfast in connection with “Internetdagarna 2014” sign up here:



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