We need to start more innovative companies

May 14, 2014

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This report from Vinnova and Esbri gives some interesting input on Swedens innovative culture.

We need to start more innovative companies and not only companies that develop existing models is one of the conclusions from the report “The innovative Sweden” (only available in Swedish) .

To do that we need to engage more in tech !

If you dont have the time to read the full report, at least read the summary pages 58-60 and 108-110.




Countdown to the #MakeIT event at #GGM14

May 11, 2014


Countdown to the yearly GeekGirl Meetup event !

Dont forget to register,hope to see you there !

Date: 24-25 May 2014
Venue: Tekniska museet, Museivägen 7, Stockholm
Register: http://simplesignup.se/event/42859-ggm14-make-it
After party: at Spotify
Part of the conference will be webcasted, for more info: www.geekgirlmeetup.com/forening



GeekGirlMeetup+ launch at #GGM14

May 8, 2014

Hey all +geekgirls !

So now all the basics is in place. A slightly revised logotype to show the different focus on the meetup, a twitter account, a Facebook page, a mailshimp newsletter account and ofcourse the website.

I am excited and nervous to launch the meetup at GeekGirlMeetup MakeIt event at Tekniska Museet on May 24-25th.
If you havent booked a ticket yet you can do it here: http://simplesignup.se/event/42859-ggm14-make-it

I will hold a lightning talk on Saturday around noon to start to spread the word, hope to meet you there.

Soon I will post more information about “why” and “what” we want to do with GeekGirlMeetup+ and how you can be involved and get invitation to our meetups, workshops and many more fun stuff.




Geek Girl Meetup+ is soon launching !

April 25, 2014

We will proudly present Geek Girl Meetup+ soon !

You can describe Geek Girl Meetup+ as a older sister to all the other Geek Girl Meetups. It is for + women interested or want to learn more about web, tech and innovation. Our goal is to create a platform,meetingplace and new networks for women who wants to take part and learn from other rolemodels in the tech, entrepreneurial and startup industry. And have lots of fun while doing it.
So the + is only there to show that we will have a special focus on women in more “mature” ages needs and perspectives.The end goal is ofcourse to inspire women in all ages to be a GeekGirl no matter what age !

Since we are in the startup mood any help, ideas, topics that you want to share is more than welcome.

Contact person: Susanne Fuglsang, susanne@biznetasia.com, +46 70 738 99 97.

We will launch Geek Girl Meetup+  with a lightning talk at the GeekGirlMeetup 2014 unconference “MAKE IT” at Tekniska Museet May 24-25th. If you haven´t registered yet, here is the link !

Hope to see you there and at a Geek Girl Meetup+ event soon !