Welcome to A Geek Girl Story night at ustwo October 1

All Geek Girls in Malmö welcome to an After Work where we share and create stories that change the possibilities of the future.

We believe that the stories we know set the limits for what we think is possible. If we consciously work with creating new stories that challenge the old narratives, we shape the future. We at ustwo want to be part in shaping a better future for women in the digital industry, and that’s why we invite you to an evening of sharing and creating stories that will take us all there! 


  • Nicki Sprinz, co-founder of Ada’s listwill talk about why the world needs communities for women working in technology and design, about discrimination, finding co-conspirators, inspiration, and the importance of looking out for other women.
  • Tanya Martyn, people advisor here at ustwo Malmö will tell our story. A digital product studio, founded with the ambition of always remaining a group of friends, even now, as a worldwide company, with over 200 employees. This has provided both unique opportunities and challenges on the road towards equality. Tanya will bring you along on the journey, from the point where our lack of diversity became clear to us, until today, when we’re talking about it as a part of our global strategy.
  • Last but not least we will explore the stories that each and every one of us is part in right now. In what way are you already effecting the possibilities of the future?

We will treat you with beer, and delicious libanese style snacks from Jallatrappan.

Does that sound interesting?
Please RSVP, and have a friend do the same!

Looking forward to see you!


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