Rails Girls Stockholm: open after-party tomorrow Sat 19th!


Rails Girls is a one-day crash course into technology for girls and women who want to get inspired and get building things.

During the day, applicants dive into difficult tech terminology and build their own web apps. The attendees work in small groups with volunteer coaches, and besides listening to concept talks from mentors, they learn the first steps in software craftmanship.

Sounds like quite a lot. Once you dive in, it’s not that overwhelming. You have coaches to help you, and you are encouraged to learn how to ”google right”, so that once you hit the first error at home you don’t get startled and give up what you’re doing.

The first Rails Girls workshop in Sweden is happening tomorrow at Spotify offices. (And they have other great sponsors too!) Applications have already ended, but there are a few places available still- you can tweet @phenriettak to see if you could be the one jumping into Ruby on Rails tomorrow! http://railsgirls.com/stockholm

To all into in tech, programming, or if you just want to welcome some new people into the local community, there’s an after-party open for all of you! Tomorrow starting at 8pm, we’ll have drinks at Spitfire so come and grab a drink, tapas and company!

P.S. If you can’t make it tomorrow, there’s already an enthusiastic RG community building in Stockholm, so join the railsgirls-sthlm@googlegroups.com and follow @railsgirls on twitter!

Have a great weekend and hope to see you tomorrow!



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