The geeky girls are coming to Tunisia!

Geek Girl Meetup is an un-conference for geeky girls interested in web, code and business development. An un-conference is a conference without key-note speakers, a conference where participants make up the content of the conference together.

Our goal is to create new networks, inside Tunisia as well as with geek girls in other countries and to elevate female role models in the industry, and to have fun of course. We want each and everyone of our participants to share knowledge with each others, in public, groups or one-to-one. The most important is that we understand that what is easy for one person might be new and dificult for an other person. Together we can create great conditions for exchanging knowledge and to grow together.

Founders of Geek Girl Tunis

  • Maryem Nasri, web strategist and project manager

  • Nijou Khemiri, manager of several Facebook-groups

  • Selma Hosni, web developer

For further information about Geek Girls Tunis, please contact Maryem Nasri: