Planning for GGM Tunis

Last week we began to set up strategy and developing working documents for recruiting participants, finding local, apply for funds from foundations and connect with potential sponsors. In addition, we need to find a theme for the conference and determine which language the participants can give lectures on. We want Geek Girl Meetup Tunis to be open to girls from all over the world and then English would of course be the best language. However, French is more commonly spoken than English in Tunisia, although Arabic is the official language. No matter which language we choose, we will probably need girls who can translate so that all participants understand both the lectures and questions from participants. A challenge out of the ordinary!

Unconferencing is still not very common in Tunisia, and it’s of course a bit risky to work with a completely new concept. But we all like the concept of Geek Girl Meetup and look forward to the coming months. Fortunately, we already have a number of girls who are interested to participate and help with planning. The rumor about our fist meeting is spreading rapidly, and all the girls I talked to want to participate. To land a project of this size is no small thing, there are many pieces that must fall into place and we have to make sure to get plenty of attention to attract sponsors to help make our fist Geek Girl Meetup in Tunis become a success.