MAKE IT! @ #GGM14 Save the date

Time for the annual meetup in Stockholm. This year’s theme is MAKE IT! Tapping into the trend of makers this year’s Geek Girl Meetup will cover all kinds of items in the makers hands. Watch out for all DIY from electronics, robotics, 3-D printing, CNC tools, metalworking, woodworking and traditional arts and crafts. With the uprising of Makers fairs and maker spaces we dig in deep into it.

Save the date for 24-25 of May. The meetup will take place at Tekniska Museet, Stockholm.

Are you keen on taking part in any way in this year’s unconference, be sure to submit your interest here.

Are you as a company interested in sponsoring this year’s event. Contribute to the biggest Geek Girl Meetup event this year and get your logo on the badge! Contact

Tickets to the meetup will be released later on this spring!

Stay tuned!


One thought on “MAKE IT! @ #GGM14 Save the date

  1. Isabelle Edlund says:

    Är student och har inte möjlighet att komma på GGM då det tyvärr ligger utanför min prisklass men jag hjälper gärna till med utbyte mot att kunna gå.

    Har fixat spons tidigare så det hjälper jag gärna till med.

    Hör gärna av er till mig på 0735000910 så kan vi diskutera vidare.


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