The uncoference ENTER.SPACE was hosted at the Technical Museum in Stockholm with space as the theme for 2013. Everything from galaxys, Sci-Fi, games, astronomy, satellites, spacequiz, code, programming, design and innovations to technology, development and robots. Check out photos, videos and speakers list from the event here!


Hanna Metsis, Linda Sandberg, Ebba Kierkegaard

Speakers list



Bambuser feeds:

Birgit Flening – I rymden finns alla känslor!

Maria Gustafsson

Isa Metsis – A safe space for homeless cats(English)

Cecilia Hertiz – A journey from space down to earth(English)

Sofia Alonzo – The Monitor Celestra

Karin Nilsdotter – Space – your next adventure!

Kristina Alexanderson – Stormtroopers, bilder, CC – Möjligheterna i cyberspace med
Creative Commons

Carolina Gómez Lagerlöf – Rymdskepp i patentskrifterna


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