GeekGirl+ meetup at Stockholm Makerspace 21st of October 2014

GGM1Exited after a great meetup with lots of inspired GeekGirl+ women who listened to personal talks by multitalented artists Farvash Razavi and Julia Krantz. Erik Cederberg from Stockholm Makerspace gave a intro to 3D.

The white dress shows a project made by Julia Krantz, its called Whiteness, the project mixes fashion, photography and graphic design to create a series of images centred on a figure protected by loops of armour.

The artpiece to the right is made by Farvash Razavi as a master work for Konstfack in 2010.

Both Julia and Farvash made us all amazed by their unique approach to life choices and the combination of art, technology and
creativity. You rock girls !

Hope to see you all at the next GeekGirl+ meetup !

Susanne Fuglsang



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