Balansen mellan passion och en professionell karriär

Talare nummer 12 är ingen mindre än Divya Ostwal. Vi har bett henne att berätta lite om sig själv och vad hon ska prata om. Spännande…och nu är det bara 10 dagar kvar. Du har väl inte missat att köpa en biljett?

Divya Ostwal

Name: Divya Ostwal

Who are you?
 Divya is a team coach, brand strategist and Google analyst at Good Old digital agency in Malmö. Over the last ten years Divya has juggled various roles in digital agencies and worked out of India & Singapore, before moving to Sweden four years ago. She thoroughly enjoys working in multi-cultural environments and believes in logic driven magic. She is also an avid traveller and an editorial photographer.

What will you talk about at the conference?
I will talk about the balance between my passion and professional career. The advantages of having bi-polar career paths.

What is my  passion?
Stories interest me. I enjoy connecting with people from different realms of life. I believe that those are the biggest lessons one can learn from. Camera allows me to access people and their private lives and document moments. I am passionate about editorial photography.

Why is that your passion/how did you figured that out?
I used photography to strengthen my design background. I realised the power of imagery when the success rate f my designs went up. I never had an unsatisfied client.

Why is geek girl important for you? 
It is an important channel to inspire my kind!

What is the expectations do you have for the day? 
To be able to share a story that many of us relate to. To inspire and entertain.

Favorite thing/ best thing ever invented? 
A stage. I believe we are all actors, playing our small parts on this big stage.


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