GeekGirlMeetup is  an un-conferance about web, code and startups aiming to lift more female role-models in tech tech industry, along with creating new networks and active knowledge exchange between women. GeekGirlMeetup was founded by Heidi Harman and Andie Nordgren in Sweden in 2008.


GeekGirlMeetup is a unique participatory driven event where the focus is on knowledge exchange through talks and sessions as well as hackathons. The events focus on web code and entrepreneurial start-ups has good reach in branch media and national press.

During the event your brand will be visible and exposed to this well educated and well connected female crowd.

Sponskit & Documentation with all prices. (this is all you need)

Sponsorship kit (pdf)GeekGirlMeetup_Stockholm_SponsKit 2013
Dokumentation 2011-12 (pdf) GeekGirlMeetup Dokumentation 2011-12
Dokumentation 2009 (pdf) 2009.12 GGM Documentation


Gold 75 000 kr
Silver 50 000 kr
Bronze 30 000 kr

Please contact heidi dot harman at gmail dot com.

We keep the perogative to to decline a collaboration whenever we find it does not compute with the koncept or aim of GeekGirlMeetup.


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